Beagle Puppy Wants To Get On That Couch

Nothing compares with the bound that exists between a child and his pup. Although many parents are worried to raise a child while there’s also a dog in the house, the video below is just one more proof that having a family pet can make kids happier, heartier and all around happier.
Laura and her adorable Beagle called Oly share a very special connection. There’s nothing they love more than spending time with one another and playing together. Even though the dog’s height doesn’t always help him do all the things he might want to, that doesn’t stop him from having fun and enjoying spending some quality time with Laura.
The only problem is that his height sometimes prevents him from cuddling in bed with the little girl. Still, the dog is very perseverant when it comes to trying to climb into bed with Laura, and the little girl sure finds his attitude to be hilarious. We’re pretty sure it will put a big smile on your face as well. And we could all use more of those, right?
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