Baseball Fan Hears Crying In A Hot Car And Looks Inside. This Is What He Sees…

The temperatures outside are getting unbearable, and you are not the only one feeling the heat! With temperatures rising, so is the risk of animals being in danger due to the heat. Many owners make the unpardonable mistakes of leaving their pets in the car for long periods of time during hot days, not thinking how much harm they are doing to their pets.
During hot, summer days, your car basically turns into a hot oven. The temperature inside the car gets really high, really fast and the air becomes unbreathable. Even a few minutes inside a hot car can be deadly. There’s no excuse for owners who leave their pets locked inside their cars on hot days. If you ever see an animal locked inside a car when the temperatures outside are high, you should acknowledge that animal is in danger and do something.
It’s what the basketball fan in the video below did when he heard a dog crying inside of a hot car. And for that, he is now being hauled a hero. The man most likely saved the puppy’s life. Find out how everything unfolded by watching the video below.

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