Sweet baby Tasmanian devil can’t stop following its favorite human everywhere

Even the most dangerous wild animals on the planet, have proved themselves softhearted, when it came to show appreciation to those who take care of them. The Tasmanian devil doesn’t have the best reputation in terms of temperament, but this might be a little bit unfair, judging by the incredible bond a rescue baby Tasmanian devil and its caretaker share!

Just like many other Australian native species, these marsupials became endangered as their numbers have dramatically dropped over the last few years. But fortunately, people like Tim Faulkner, dedicate their lives and efforts to save the species. Thanks to him Aussie Ark was born; a place meant to protect the Australian most threatened species. Founded in 2011, the sanctuary is an heaven on Earth for a couple of hundreds of baby Tasmanian devils.

Among these cute little things, one in particular became overly attached to Tim. The little on just can’t stop following his caretaker everywhere. In return, Tim rewards his furry friend with lots of cuddles and belly rubs, which are, by the way, so appreciated. This lovely friendship the two share, proves once again just how grateful wild animals are with those who offer them comfort and love.

With less than 20,000 individuals left in the wild, the Tasmanian devil has been declared a protected species by the Australian government and back in 2003 they launched Save the Tasmanian Devil Program – meant to help the world’s largest carnivorous marsupial to thrive again.

h/t: facebook | nationalgeographic

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