Baby Pulls On Adopted Cat’s Leg, Mom’s Captured Footage Goes Viral

Bringing a new pet into the family is always an exciting and fulfilling experience. However, there is no denying that it can be a bit daunting as well, especially when there are infants involved. Wil the pet and the baby get along?
Will they manage to make a connection? Is the baby or the pet going to be jealous when one of them gets attention and the other one doesn’t? These are all legitimate questions that people ask themselves when bringing a new pet home.
Well, I think it’s safe to say that the parents of the baby in the video below have nothing to worry about. Their beautiful baby boy and their adopted cat not only get along, but they are actually best friends.
The parents were not sure how the cat would react to the baby, but the feline put their worries to rest pretty fast. Although she does get jealous from time to time, the cat adores her new buddy and comes running every time he makes a sound.
This clips shows the beginning of their beautiful friendship, and it’s something you will want to share with all of your cat-loving friends.

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