A Baby Otter Is Getting Groomed When He Realizes He’s Being Watched. And Then, LOL!

Baby otters have to be some of the cutest animals in the ocean. Still, there’s little most of us know about these fuzzy little animals. What better time to find out some interesting facts about them than right now, right?
For instance, did you know that sea otters have the thickest fur of any other mammal? Unfortunately, this makes them the target of illegal poachers who sell their fur for a lot of money. In fact, the situation has got so serious that otters are now considered an endangered species.
Another interesting fact about otters is that they can live their entire lives without ever leaving the waters. This makes them, of course, incredible swimmers. But otters are also awesome divers. They can dive as deep as 330 feet when looking for food.
One thing about otters that you won’t find in any natural science book is that otters are extremely shy when it comes to appearing on video. Well, at least this otter is. The otter was enjoying getting groomed, but as soon as it noticed the camera, it had a surprising reaction.
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