Adorable baby goose greets favorite human everyday

The thing about animals is they easily get over attached of those who’re always kind and affectionate with them. So even a friendship between a human and a gosling may sounds more like a cartoon scenario, it is just as real as it gets.

Doug Carleton had always been kind to animals. Since he was a little kid he was fond of wildlife. But over the last three years, he made some very special friends along the way. The man visits a local park regularly, just to hang out with a bunch of geese which apparently are great fond of him, too.


“I am generally kind with animals, I can befriend the most snaggletoothed cat,” the man told THE DODO. “Geese were new to me, but I just picked up how to not alarm them or give them reason to fear me, and eventually all of them just became cool with having me amongst them and interacting with them.”

But one geese in particularly seems to adore Doug, so every time he came to visit, Sam is so excited to greet him. And so, a very unique bond begun between them. However, Doug treats them all with the same compassion he does for all animals.

“He [Sam] is the most passive of all the geese so far,” Doug explains. “They tend to hiss at people when they think someone is moving too close and ignoring the honking. However, I have never heard Sam hiss at anyone yet. He’s such a good boy!”

Watch what happens when Sam notices his favorite human is around!

(h/t: YouTube)

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