Rescue animals have always showed their gratitude to the humans that helped them in the cutest ways. They unconditionally convey their feelings and that’s why so many special bonds between animals and humans are born. In this particularly case, a rescue baby elephant and a tractor driver share a very unique friendship.

Kham La – a young resident of the Elephant Nature Park, apparently has a great fond of one of the staff member, Darrick – the sanctuary’s tractor driver. So every morning when Darrick gets out to work, he’s welcomed by her special four-legged friend. A friendship that surprised even the other staff members.

And since such a beautiful friendship couldn’t pass unnoticed, the park capture on camera Darrick and Kham La’s morning routine and shared it online. “This is the amazing bond between baby elephant Kham La and Darrick,” they wrote. “They are always looking for each other at the park. When Kham La sees him, she and her herd always run to say hi to him every morning even from a far distance at Elephant Nature Park.

“If you are not convinced that love can exist between humans and animals…watch this video,” it’s how the park describe the adorable footage. But thinking Kham La means “Darling,” you could not expect anything less from a friendly elephant.

Darrick definitely has the best job in the world! Have a look:

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