Adorable elephant falls asleep every time her caretaker sings

One of the best ways to help little kids fell asleep is to sing to them. However, apparently not just little babies seem to adore lullabies, but animals as well. And I’m not talking about baby animals, specifically.

In a truly heartwarming footage shared by the Save the Elephant Foundation, Thailand a caretaker and the elephant she’s looking after show that even the biggest animals are getting soft when someone sings for them. Lek Chailert, who’s also the fonder of the foundation, has dedicated her entire life protecting these majestic creatures. So naturally she loves each and every elephant at the center.

Elephant News/YouTube

Even though, there is one particularly elephant that shares a very special relationship with Lek. Faamai was brought at the Mae Taeng District- based sanctuary when she was only a few months old calf. Orphaned and helpless, the elephant found all the comfort and love in the woman who took care of her all those years. And she still does!

Elephant News/YouTube

Since she was just a baby, Lek used to sing lullabies songs to Faamai to comfort her and help her to get a better sleep. A lovely routine which Faamai is gladly accepting it, even she’s a grown up, now. And every time Lek is starting to sing, the gentle elephant instantly falls asleep.

“Every time she hears the lullaby from Lek she still falls asleep,” the foundation caption the video. Take a look:

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