Dogs are incredible beings, gifted with the most gentle and caring souls. They never put a second thought when to help anyone in need. So when it comes to some extremely cute newborn bunnies things couldn’t have been different.

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For Bailey – the Golden Retriever – to be protective and friendly is in his nature, so when these tiny fluffy balls first met him instantly fell in love with him. In fact the cute little bunnies act as the gentle dog is their mom. But don’t get me wrong, Bailey adores them as well.

When they were introduced to Bailey, the orphan bunnies were less than a month old. But ever since, the friendly dog surrounded them with his love and comfort them just like their mom would have done. Bunnies are very sociable creatures, just like dogs, so from the very first moment they shared a very special bond.

Image credits Instagram

“Bailey has looked after them from the day they were born,” Taras, Bailey’s mom said. “We rescued them[the rabbits] from the hands of people who catch rabbits in private homes.” Now, Bailey and his cute little things are very famous all over the internet. And it could haven’t been otherwise due to their cuteness. The way they hang out together won everyone’s heart.

Credits Instagram

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