Baby Boy Is Born Without Arms or Legs – Watch The Tearful Moment He ‘Walks’ for The First Time

Watching their children walk for the first time is a memory that every parent is going to cherish and remember for the rest of their lives. But for Katie Whiddon and her boyfriend, witnessing that moment and creating that special memory just seemed impossible.
That’s because their baby boy was born without arms or legs. Mom found out that her yet unborn baby wasn’t developing any limbs when the pregnancy was pretty advanced. Camden was soon diagnosed by doctors with a condition called amelia-phocomelia.
After receiving the devastating news, mom obviously began to worry about her baby struggling through life and not being able to perform even the simplest of tasks without requiring assistance.
“When I first found out he wouldn’t have arms or legs, I thought that he would just be a vegetable. didn’t know what to expect,” she told in a recent interview. The young woman was worried that she just won’t be enough for him and that she will not be able to cater to all of his special needs.
But what mom was soon to find out was that children are incredibly resourceful when it comes to getting by in life and adapting to new situations.
And at four years old, Camden surprised his parents by doing this:

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