Adorable baby bobcat pays visit to Nova Scotia family’s backyard

A rare encounter with an elusive wild cat is always fascinating. So you can only imagine how excited this guy from Tantallon region in Nova Scotia was, when he spotted a sweet little bobcat cub in front of his glass door!

Kevin Estey couldn’t believe his eyes when spotted the baby bobcat hanging on his back porch. The cub who’s less than a year old had a few minutes visit to Estey’s backyard, but that was more than enough for the man to grab his cellphone and took some pictures and even a video of this cute uninvited guest.

Kevin Estey

“This is a yearling bobcat,” Estey wrote on Facebook. “We believe it’s a female, but couldn’t tell for sure. She came right to our patio door at lunch time, roaming all over the deck, smelling everything, and stayed for about four minutes.”

Kevin Estey

Even familiar with such rare sights, Estey said he was more than happy with the opportunity to have this close encounter. “Wildlife is in our yard all the time, so we were not surprised, but delighted by the VERY RARE opportunity to get this video and pictures,” the man said. “It’s not often they are so photogenic.”

Kevin Estey

Apparently, the little one adventured on Estey’s doorsteps driven by curiosity, and not because she was hungry or anything like that. According to Estey, he spotted both the cub and her family very often. “She’s not alone,” he wrote. “Mama and big brother or sister have been seen around. We don’t think they are starving by any means. We have a large flock of pheasants, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunk, and all sorts of birds that frequent our back yard, so they were either prowling for their next wild dinner.”

Watch the heart warming sight, here:

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