ATV rider doing donuts in the snow goes airborn—LOL

Stunts are definitely thrilling to watch and maybe even perform if you have the right type of training and experience. But it’s only fun until someone gets hurt and then we are all reminded why we’re better off just not trying to do crazy stunts to show off in front of our friends, or for whatever other reason.
Well, the guy in the video below thought it would be fun to do donuts in the snow with his ATV in front of the camera and his friends. And fortunately, he lived to regret ever making this decision. At first, everything went as planned, but soon after, the man lost control of his ATV and was tossed to the ground.
It’s bad enough, but it could have all ended much worse. There was a frozen river nearby where the man risked being tossed into, or he could have broken his back on a tree. You can see why it wasn’t a smart decision to begin with.
It should go without saying that you should never, ever try anything like this at home. It’s dangerous, and you could really get yourself hurt. Plus, there’s no snow.

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