Artist transforms old farm equipment into incredible animal sculptures

Artists have a different way of seeing the potential of everything in this world; there’s no doubt about that. Artist John Lopez is an excellent example that proves just that.
Where somebody else would see just a bunch of old, rusty farm equipment, he sees a work of art in the making. The South Dakota-based creates amazing metal sculptures that are worthy of a museum using discarded farm equipment that most of us would only consider to be fit for the bin.

His inspiration is pretty obvious: the Wild Wild West! The artist has always been fascinating by everything that has to do with this subject, so he decided to create his own little version of it using his creativity and scrap metal.

The welded figures he creates perfectly capture the iconography of the American West, and they are all created using recycled materials. His art portfolio includes a bison, a horse with a plow, and even a Texas Longhorn.

Lopez has plenty of experience in this field, as he started his career as a bronze sculptor. However, he was later attracted by the versatility of scrap metal. His first encounter with this material was somewhat a twist of faith. The man forged a family grave for his deceased aunt, and decided to do something with all the scrap material he found on site.

After working with this material and seeing how versatile it is, the man fell in love with its texture, and decided to turn his creative fantasies into reality using it. The result is mind-blowing!

Here are just some of the amazing works of art he has created over the years.












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