Architect buys old, abandoned cement factory, transforms it into a breathtaking home

We all have our own ideas when it comes to what exactly the perfectly house looks like. For some, it’s important to have plenty of space indoor so they can finally have enough room for all their stuff. Other envision a huge outdoor area where they can entertain their guests and hold awesome parties.
You probably have a clear idea about what every single room in your dream home would look like. But have you ever thought about your dream home as being a former factory? Us neither.
However, one man did. Architecture renegade Ricardo Bofill turned a 5,000-square feet former cement factory outside Barcelona into his dream home, and you won’t believe how the interior of the building looks like now.
Ricardo stumbled upon the building accidently, and immediately fell in love with the place. Being a 45-year-old establishment, the building clearly needed a little work (okay, a lot of work), but the man’s trained eyes as an architect saw the factory had tremendous potential.
Ricardo ended up buying the place, and started the remodeling process. You won’t believe how the factory looks like now. Watch the video below to get an exclusive tour of the house:

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