It Appears To Be A Stunning Wedding Dress, Until Internet Finds Out Truth About Dress

Every bride has her own idea when it comes to how the perfect dress looks like. Some are more into princess style wedding dresses, others love a sleek, form-fitting design, while unconventional brides might want to wear a short wedding dress on their big day.
Well, there are as many perfect dresses as there are brides. The options are pretty much endless, but there is one wedding dress that is like no other. The beautiful gown in the video below is actually a life-sized wedding dress!
The delicious wedding dress is the creation of Emma Jayne Cake Design and was showcased at a cake show in the United Kingdom. The cake is a replica of a real-life Mak Tumang wedding dress and it was made using no more and no less than 132 pounds of fondant.
It took 10 full days of work to complete the cake wedding dress to have it ready in time for the Cake International Show at Alexandra Palace in London.
The amount of details that went into this creation is absolutely outstanding, and the result is definitely something you need to see to believe.
Have you ever seen anything like this?

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