When Roland Rydstrom from Anchorage, Alaska and his family woke up, they could not believed their eyes what they’ve seen when looking through the window. A moose and her two calves were comfortably sitting on the grass in their backyard.

While it is very common to spot moose in Alaska given that this vast territory is home for over 175,000 of these massive herbivores, things got pretty intense in the Rydstroms backyard as the uninvited visitors refused to leave. They spent the entire day there, just like they owned the place. Beside they eat everything from grass to chairs, the unusual guests even took a nap there.

Image credits Roland Rydstrom/ Facebook

“They arrived a bit before 9 am and except for two quick trips around the neighborhood, they’ve been camped out here all day,” Roland wrote on Facebook. “Most of the time, as you can see from the pictures, they really were just lounging here. A neighbor reported that she’d observed this same moose family running along the road a few miles from our neighborhood earlier that morning. They needed rest, and I think they felt safe to rest here, in our backyard.”

Image credits Roland Rydstrom/ Facebook

After spending the day in Roland’s backyard and ruining almost everything they touched from chairs, the fence or the flower pots, the adorable family decided it is the time to get back home at around 7:00 p.m.

Image credits Roland Rydstrom/ Facebook

Even he had to spend some time cleaning after these uninvited guests, Roland declared himself more than excited to spend the day in the company of these majestic animals.”It was cute seeing them lying together and moving with the sun throughout the day,” he said.

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h/t: boredpanda | Facebook