Air Force General Enraged By Racial Slurs, Lines Up Airmen For Powerful Speech

We live in a world that seems more and more divided by racial bias. Diversity is what makes the world a better, more interesting place to live in, so it’s puzzling to me that so many people look at the difference that exist between us and see them in a negative light.
Even small biases lead to a divided world. But luckily, there’s always room for change and it’s never too late to educate ourselves about any subject.
There’s not a single place in world where race, gender, and religion matter, not really. They certainly don’t matter for the men and women who are fighting on the front lines and putting their own life at risk to protect that of others’.
That’s why, when racial slurs were found at the United States Air Force Academy’s preparatory school, Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria knew that it need to be shut down right away. So he summoned all the students, faculty, and leaders in the community to express his thoughts and outrage over what had happened.
His powerful speech encompasses important lessons that we all need to learn or be reminded of. So please take a second to share this so that as many people get to hear these words of wisdom.

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