“How to age gracefully” — People of all ages give advice to people one year younger than them

We are all different, but there are so many things we have in common. One of them would be the fear of aging. Faced with loss of youth, many people feel profound fear, loneliness, and regret. Youth is often associated with beauty, vitality, and ultimately happiness. Meanwhile, aging is typically associated with sickness, loneliness, and death. For all those reasons, and many other more, many of us would want to stay young until the day we die.
No one wants wrinkles, face health problems and feeling tired all the time. But what if we’ve had it wrong all this time? What if it’s more a matter of perception than reality? What if we would change our entire perspective on aging?
Well, my guess is that we would all be much better off. The people in the video below are definitely on the right track. The clip shows people of all ages give important advice to people who are just a few years younger than them. It’s incredible what difference a few years can make!
Everybody needs to see this! Every age has its beauty. Embrace your age and make the most out of every single day!

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