Sweet rescue pit bull thinks he’s a cat, warms hearts online

Although it comes just like a glow for a dog to do crazy stuff, they still never cease to amaze us. This time a sweet pittie is making waves on social media with his odd behavior. This little fella is absolutely convinced he’s a kitten!

When Bethany Castiller decided to enlarge her family, she thought a dog would be a great companion for her two beautiful cats – Pecan and Gizmo. So she took her family to visit a local shelter. Here they met Mako and instantly fell in love with him, especially when they learned he’s very friendly with the cats. However, little did Bethany knew that Mako actually behaves as a feline.


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Once they got home, the friendly pit bull immediately started to chase Bethany’s cats. Within days, they all begun hanging together like they were knowing each other since forever. Still, it looked pretty weird to everyone that Mako wasn’t like any other dog, only by simple fact he doesn’t bark. At all! But only when Bethany spotted the strange dog climbed on the top of the table, she realized they actually adopted another cat and not a dog.


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“He loves to lay on the tables with my cats and look out the window at the birds with them,” Bethany told THE DODO. “When he sees one of my cats lay on their backs for a tummy rub he comes over and does the same thing.”

Naturally, Mako is obsessed with his two cat brothers and he follows them everywhere, even if that means on the top of the furniture.”Whenever Mako sees the boys[Pecan and Gizmo] on the counters or cabinets he hops up to join them,” their mom said.

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