Meet Quasi The Adorable Hunchback Dog

Meet Quasi, a cute german shepherd who has an extraordinary look and enthusiastic identity! In one look, you can most likely observe that he looks somewhat not the same as different puppies of his breed and it’s because of an uncommon spinal condition. On account of this therapeutic condition, the vertebrae in Quasi’s spine are packed and notwithstanding that, he’s really missing a couple of vertebrae also.

This is the thing that causes his slouched over appearance and for all intents and purposes abandons him without a neck. Be that as it may, on account of the warm and cherishing individuals at Second Hand Hounds in Eden Prairie, Minnesota Quasi is getting all the specific care he needs until he can locate a lasting adoring home! Stunning mutts like Quasi simply go ahead to demonstrate that since you’re diverse doesn’t imply that you need to pass up a major opportunity for the completion of life, love and bliss! So prepare to meet Quasi the delightful hunchback pooch from whom every one of us can take in some things about living minus all potential limitations!

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