Adorable footage shows manatee baby scratching an itch on his nose

A recent footage showing that even manatees can get itches, is making waves on the internet. And it’s too cute to handle! Apparently, animal kingdom is a gift that keeps on giving when it comes to extremely cute moments. And this lovely footage is all about that.

Catherine Puzino – a dive guide at the Fun 2 Dive Manatee Tours in Florida, was on a snorkelling tour with a group of tourists when come across one of the most adorable encounters ever captured on camera. They were admiring a group of manatees, when a year-old baby has suddenly started to scratch its itchy nose.

“When I came across this cutie, I fell in love,” the woman told THE DODO. “Baby manatees do goofy stuff like this pretty frequently. They really are gentle giants.”

The heartwarming footage was initially posted on the company’s Instagram page where it gained a lot of appreciation. “We LOVE when manatees have itchy face,” they wrote. “This is the cutest thing you’ll see all day!”

Take a look:

Although a group of people can be observed swimming next to the cute manatee baby, the dive tour company says tourists are warned not to touch manatees under no circumstances. These friendly mammals are listed as an threatened species and they’re protected under the law.

(Credits: The Dodo | Instagram)

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