A dad just found a “brilliantly cute” way to recreate an iconic scene from ‘The Lion King’ movie!

Mandi and Jeremy Johnson from Florida, had always had a great fond of dogs. Actually it couldn’t had been otherwise since they are professional pup trainers. But even they’re very rigorous at their job, things look a little bit different when it comes to their beloved pups Kenai and Kono. However, the cute dogs won’t the most spoiled family’s members anymore as a couple of months ago, the Johnson’s family just got bigger, after baby girl Malia was born.

In order to introduce the newborn baby to the rest of the pack, Jeremy thought it would be so nice to recreate Simba’s intro scene from famous ‘Lion King’ movie. So he dressed everyone up, including Malia, Mono and Kenai and him, of course, and he got to work. The result brought smiles o everyone’s face. Even the little girl can’t stop smiling when his proud dad present her to her fur brothers.

Speaking for The Dodo, Jeremy explained : “The ‘Lion King’ recreation is something we always wanted to try once we had a kiddo, so this was our chance. And the dogs are always great sports so it worked out great!” However, little did he know the adorable footage will go viral. Shortly after he shared the video on Instagram, it won everyone’s heart and gained millions of views. Watch it for yourself, bellow:

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