Deer ‘ruins’ couple’s wedding photoshoot in sweetest way

We’ve seen a lot of hilarious pictures with dogs and cats, crashing the weddings of their human parents. So when this couple in Michigan have chosen this quiet, natural environment for their wedding photos, they never thought something could possibly went wrong. However, one unexpected visitor decided to step into the spot lights and steal the show!

Morgan and Luke got married, earlier this summer and their wedding photographer decided it would be a great idea to take them some shots in the wilderness. And they had a really good time, until a lovely deer stepped in, attracted by the bride’s colorful bouquet. “We walked over this hill and made it to a field where we saw just over a wooden fence was a deer,” the photographer Laurenda Marie Bennett, said. “As soon as we arrived, the deer looked up and just casually walked over to the bride and groom.”

Of course, the adorable visitor brought smiles on everyone’s faces and the married couple will laugh many years from now, when they’ll see their wedding album.


“[She] started reaching his neck over and grabbing flowers from her bouquet and just chewing away,” Laurenda said. “Then he steps over the fence so he’s standing in front of them, and he’s just hanging out eating her bouquet. We were all kind of giggling and looking at each other like, ‘What’s going on? What should we do? Morgan’s expressions were priceless — they just kind of made the photos.”

A few days after, they actually found out their photoshoot isn’t the only one crashed by the prankster deer. It turns out ‘the bouquet thief’ it’s pretty famous around there. “Never in a million years did I think I’d run into him, especially when photographing a wedding. I felt like it was meant to be,” the photographer said.

Images courtesy of Laurenda Marie Bennett.

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