She Accidentally Drops Engagement Ring in Homeless Man’s Cup. 2 Days Later, She Wants It Back

It’s hardly a secret that women place a lot of value on their engagement rings. More than the monetary value of the ring, it’s the emotional value and the symbolism that makes women become attached to a ring. That is why when the woman in the video below realized her engagement ring was missing from her finger, she was heartbroken.
As it was later revealed, the woman had actually dropped her ring into the change cup of a homeless man at the mall to whom she wanted to give some change. The diamond ring was worth more than $4000, which is a lot money for everyone. But in the case of the homeless man, is was an amount that could literally change his life for the better and get him off the street.
The thought of selling the ring crossed his mind, but a little voice inside his head told him to keep the ring and do the right thing. Two days after she lost the ring, the woman went back to the place where she dropped the money, hoping that homeless man was still there and had her ring.
And that’s exactly what happened. Watch the video below to find out how it all unfolded.

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