A hilarious moment was captured on camera when a wild bear cub making the most of his backyard hammock

We often see wild animals acting just like children. And when it comes to their cubs, there’s actually no doubt of that. Just like this little bear cub, for example, who thought it might be so interesting to have some moments of relax in a hammock. Fortunately, the funny moment was all captured on camera.

A man noticed a baby bear playing in his back-yard, so he grabbed a camera and started recording. The cub noticed a hammock and decided to give it a go. But the young bear couldn’t exactly figure out how one is supposed to sit in it. He got caught up in the net a couple of times and got quite a workout, but in the end failed to climb all the way up.

Strong-headed, the bear tried a couple more times to get on top of the hammock before losing interest in the new toy. Just take a look!

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