The 18th anniversary of the September 11th events is just days away, a widow of a man who worked in the World Trade Center is searching desperately for her wedding ring.

Monica Iken of Manhattan, lost her diamond ring and two wedding bands, which included gems from her late husband Michael. She said it disappeared when she put them on a nightstand in a co-worker’s rented house in Westhampton, N.Y. last month. She is offering a $500 reward for its return.

“We can buy a new ring. This one is meanigful and can not be recreated,” said Iken.

The ring has a huge meaning for her, as it was blessed by the Pope during a remembrance ceremony during his visit in 2015.It holds also gems from her wedding band Michael Iken, who lost his life during 9/11.

He was working on the 84th floor of 2 World trade center. Iken is among the some 1,100 who remain unidentified. Sunday, would have been his 55th birthday.