9-year-old girl almost dies from “double-pneumonia.” Now her transformed voice stuns the crowd

Some people are lucky enough to find their true passion in life at a very early age. The 9-year-old in the video below named Angelica Hale is one of them. But five years ago, “lucky” is the last world her family would use to describe her.
That’s because Angelica was only four years old when she started coughing and having fevers. Her parents took her straight to the emergency room and she was later diagnosed with double-pneumonia. To make matters worse, one of the girl’s kidneys had failed. Then is when 4-year-old Angelica started an excruciating fight with the disease.
Luckily, she managed to overcome her health problems and is now a stronger girl because of it. And she is now more determined to follow her immense passion for music more than ever.
Music played a huge factor in her recovery, and Angelica knows despite her young age that this is the road she must take in life. This is how she ended up on stage at America’s Got Talent where she completely stunned the entire crowd, as well as the members of the jury.
This is one performance you don’t want to miss!

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