73-Yr-Old Veteran Slammed into Pavement During Marathon, then 2 Strangers Swoop in to Save Him

John Wilkie, a 73-year-old veteran, has always enjoyed doing some sort of physical activity and he kept this passion even in his elderly years. In fact, the man constantly runs in marathons to push his limits and get outside his comfort zone.
But during one of his marathons, something happened that the man will never forget. John was entering the final minutes of the Rock’n’Roll Marathon in Tempe, AZ when a three-wheeled baby carriage tripped Wilkie with its front wheel causing him to violently hit the hard asphalt.
The man started bleeding and it had become clear for everybody who witnessed the moment that the situation was serious and that he was in real danger. For a minute there, everybody just looked at him without knowing what to do.
But just as John was trying to get himself up, two kindhearted strangers came out of nowhere and decided to help him go the distance. And that’s not the only thing they did for him.
Watch the video below to find out the entire story and how it all turned out in the end. This is definitely the kind of stories that make you feel good about the world again.

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