A 70-year-old granny cleaned dozens of beaches to help our planet

Planet Earth is the only place we can live, at least for time being. That’s why we should not take it for granted, but to take care of it. And while most of us are careless when comes to the environment we live in, there are still many people out there who are making giant strides in keeping our planet safe. And this grandma from England is the perfect example.

Pat Smith, a 70-year-old woman from Cornwall, UK, decided to take the matters into her own hands. She watched a TV documentary about plastic pollution which really sadden her. So our granny decided to step into action, by cleaning a beach every week.

Surprised by her determination, Pat’s family unconditionally supported her. Among her children, grandchildren and volunteers, the woman completed her challenge. The team managed to clean up 52 beaches in Cornwall over the last year. But Pat doesn’t want to stop here, she’s still going strong to make our planet a better place.

Recently, Pat  launched an initiative named The Final Straw. And it’s main goal is to raising awareness about the harm of generic plastic straws. Pat Smith truly hopes to make a difference in the attempt of get the planet rid of plastic straws.

I started the Final Straw campaign with the aim of encouraging individuals to refuse plastic straws when offered and businesses to join us and commit to not provide any other straws other than paper ones,” the foundation’s website reads. “Using this as an entry level on the road to raising awareness of the issue of single use plastic pollution to the general public, I feel excited and enthusiastic about encouraging behaviour change in a wider group of people than my fellow environment embracing counterparts,” Pat said.

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