7-year-old goes on Mom’s Facebook page and solves a 65-year mystery that will make you cry!

Young kid’s pursuit on his mom’s Facebook account finished up 65 years of anguish for a sibling and sister isolated in youth. At the point when 7-year-old Eddie Hanzelin took in the family’s forlorn occupant, Clifford Boyson of Davenport, Iowa, had unsuccessfully scanned for his sister for quite a long time, he took to his mom’s online networking account. “Clifford did not have any family, and family’s essential,” the kid said. His hunt deduced in a sad 2013 get-together that was caught by ABC’s “The View.” Boyson rejoined with his sister Betty Billadeau of Florissant, Mo., after the kid’s pursuit. Around then, Boyson acknowledged he had a more distant family, including a niece and incredible niece.

“He didn’t have any ladies throughout his life,” Boyson’s niece Sarah Billadeau said in a Huffington Post article about the gathering. “We’re going to understand that rectified genuine quick.”

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