7 Guys Walk Onstage in Towels — Crowd Dies Laughing After Music Starts.

What’s not to like about high school talent shows, right? There’s good energy, colleagues coming together to have fun and a wide variety of acts meant to show everyone a good time. Anyone can put on a show and showcase their talent on stage, and that is exactly what the young men in the video below did, only that their talent took everyone by surprise.
Unlike most of the other teens who stepped on stage, these extremely confident young men put together a hilarious comedy sketch that you will most likely going to want to watch on repeat.
Believe it or not, the guys showed up wearing nothing but a pair of speedos and swimming hats and did a hilarious synchronized swimming sketch in front of everyone watching from the audience.
Being the center of attention is hard for a lot of people, but it’s safe to say that these young men feel extremely comfortable being on stage. What’s more, judging by their choice of outfit, they also feel super comfortable in their own skin as well.
You can watch their unexpected routine in the video below and if you know someone who could use a good laugh just about now as well, make sure to share this with them as well.

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