5 Sisters Surround Brother. Moment He Starts To Sing They Chime In For Unforgettable Performance

Kenny Holland is a young singer-songwriter who has a wonderful voice and is bound to do amazing things in the music industry. She started playing the piano when he was only 8 years old and has continued to polish his skills as a musician ever since. And it seems like talent runs in his family, because he has not one but five incredibly-talented sisters who all have a burning passion for music.
Together, the six siblings have recorded a perfect rendition of “I Won’t Give Up” that proves we are all better when we join our efforts to create something beautiful. This is not the first time the siblings perform together, but it’s definitely one of their best renditions.
Kenny and his sister play a variety of instruments and the way their voices complement one another is downright flawless. What’s more, the strong bond that exists between them only adds more feeling to their singing.
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