People Are Calling This “The Most Satisfying Video In The World.” Would You Agree?

Some things are extremely eye-pleasing. Symmetry, things that perfectly fit in their designated place, these are just two examples of things that are visually pleasing. Most people feel more relaxed just by watching them. If you are one of them, then you are surely going to appreciate the video below, especially if you also got a bit of an OCD bug in you.
Some people are calling it the most satisfying video in the world. Well, I don’t know about that, but it sure is pleasing to watch. The clip is an awesome compilation of clips showing things being made, and for some reason, it is oddly soothing. Gears working in perfect synchronization, a cake frosted with absolute precision, marbles rolling smoothly; these are all included in the video. Basically, you’ll get to see five minutes of the most hypnotic, mesmerizing clips on the internet right now. So, if you need something to take you mind off things, this is the video for you.
Take a look and makes sure you share it with all of your friends and family. They’ll thank you for it. After all, we all need a mental break every once in a while, don’t you think?

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