31 Gymnasts Stand Around a Mat, Seconds Later The Audience Gasps

Professional gymnasts make it look easy, but the truth is that gymnastics is anything but that. In addition to basic skills like flexibility, core strength, balance, upper and lower-body strength, gymnasts are also required to have incredible discipline and mental focus.
And maybe more important than anything, a gymnast has to be fully dedicated to this art. It is the only way they can get through the grueling training and the many hours spent practicing a routine.
The men and women in the video below know exactly how much hard work and passion goes into a performance like the one captured in the video below. These incredible gymnasts are a part of a group called S Goetzis Zurcaroh. Individually they are great, but together they are exceptional, as you will see by watching the clip.
Armed with poise and dressed in spectacular neon costumes, the team executed their intricate choreography to perfection. The synchronization was amazing in the pattern of their clothes while the gymnasts being elevated amazed the audience with their jaw-dropping poses.
With music by Cirque du Soleil and Mark Mancina playing, they managed to deliver a memorable performance that no one will be able to forget anytime soon.

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