Look in your kitchen cabinet, chances are you have at least a few packages of popcorn somewhere where your kid can reach it. At first sight, there’s nothing dangerous about it. After all, how much damage can popcorn do, right?
This is shocking news, but a single popcorn kernel took away the life of a beautiful little girl. Little Mirranda died in the arms of her parents, and now the grieving parents want to make sure the tragedy they’ve experienced won’t repeat itself and affect other innocent children ever again.
Toddler Mirranda Grace Lawson was taken off life support and passed away at the beginning of November 2016 after choking on a popcorn kennel six months prior.

Her death is tragic, but her parents are hoping to honor her memory by letting as many parents as possible know of the unexpected choking hazards that might be hiding in plain sight. Life is so fragile, and with dangers surrounding us everywhere we go, it’s important to take all measure we can think of to reduce the chances of accidents.
In little Mirranda’s case and her family, an accident turned into a tragedy and took away her entire future.

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