200 Men In White Suits Get On Stage, They Open Their Mouths And Sound Like A Choir Of Angels

Ever heard of a group called Vocal Majority? If not, you’ve been missing out! This Dallas, Texas-based men’s chorus of over 150 singers is recognized as being “America’s Premier Pops Chorus.”
And it’s for good reason. The powerful singers who are a part of this group all have amazing voices that sound like they can soothe any heartbreak and break every barrier. One of the most amazing things about the men in this group- in addition to their extraordinary talent- is the fact that they are all volunteers.
They offer their time and talent to bring joy into people’s hearts and provide a beautiful distraction from all the problems and stress that we all encounter in our everyday lives.
Vocal Majority has performed all over the world, and managed to gather an impressive portfolio of awards that come as a recognition of their innate talent, as well as of their hard-work and effort they all invested so that this project can be a success.
This is for sure one of the most inspiring performance we’ve seen in a while. Please take a few minutes to share this powerful clip with all of your friends and family on Facebook.

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