This 2-year-old’s best friend isn’t who you’d expect. Wait until you see WHO it is!

Now, we all know we shouldn’t treat people based on what they do for a living, what kind of clothes they wear, or any other superficial criteria that falls under this category. But whether we like to admit it or not, we sometimes do it, anyway. The question is how did we get to the point where we judge others based on what they do or how they look without even knowing much else about them.
We sure weren’t born this way. It’s a habit we picked up along the way, most likely influenced by society’s standards on what it means to be an accomplished person. Why do I say we weren’t born this way?
Well, kids tend to have it right and they could teach us a lot about being compassionate and seeing pass appearances. Take this little boy for example. The 2-year-old’s best friend is not another toddler close to his age. His best friend is the garbage man, a person with whom the boy has formed a strong bound.
Moreover, the toddler looks forward to each Friday because he knows that’s the day he will get to see his best friend. This is the kind of story that we should all be sharing!

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