2 dads adopt a newborn. 14 years later, he dedicates this song to her on national TV

The talented teenage boy in the video below was adopted by his two dads when he was just a baby. Campbell was born into a large family with three other siblings and his birth mother was struggling to make ends meet.
With three other boys already in her care and with nobody to help them raise them, Campbell’s mom made the difficult decision to put him up for adoption.
He ended up being adopted by two strong men who desperately wanted to become parents and have a family. Campbell never met his mom, but he is grateful to her for making the right decision and allowed two loving men to give him a chance at a better life.
Campbell grew up in a loving family who was able to provide him with everything he needed to grow up into a smart, kind young man. His two dads also supported him his passion for music and always encouraged him to pursue a career in this field.
So when Campbell took the stage at one of the most famous talent shows in the world, he dedicated his performance to his parents. The audience rewarded him with a standing ovation. Take a look:


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