1,800-Year-Old Tablet Found On the Bottom of the Sea Proves All Jesus Doubters Wrong

An 1,800-year-old stone tablet which was found on the seafloor names the Roman ruler of Judea for the first time, and it can be the proof all those doubting Jesus need to second-guess their beliefs (or lack of them).
The stone tablet was recovered from the bottom of the sea off the coast of Israel, and experts believe that it provides rare insight about one of the bloodiest periods of Ancient Jewish history. This incredibly precious piece of history is thought to date back to the 2nd century CE.
Researchers who have investigate the tablet and its origins up close have revealed that the inscriptions carved into the tablet gave the name of the Roman governor who ruled over Judea in the lead up to an unsuccessful revolt by the Jewish people.
Not only that, but the tablet also is also the second recorded Roman inscription that used the name ‘Judea’ for the region it was referring to.
Find out more details about this rare discovery that could hide significant details about one of the bloodiest periods in Jewish history by watching the video below.
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