17-Year-Old Boy Is The Newest Face Of Cover Girl Cosmetics

Zendaya, Katy Perry, Drew Barrymore, Faith Hill, Rihanna, Sofia Vergara…What do all these famous woman celebrities have in common? Well, besides their incredible good looks and international fame, what these women all have in common is their association with the brand of cosmetics Cover Girl. They have all signed with the brand to be the faces of Cover Girl.
Now, Cover Girl is adding yet another name to their list, but it’s not anyone you’d expect. Instead of signing with yet another gorgeous female celebrity, the brand made a bold move and signed James Charles, a 17-year-old with a massive following on Instagram.
The teenage boy is officially the brand’s first male ambassador, opening a new way for young male models everywhere. Traditionally, only female models were booked to advertise cosmetics, but it seems like that’s about to change.
The teenage boy with an androgynous look and gorgeous blue eyes is a makeup artist and has amassed an impressive following on social media who is following his every move, and liking his every post. He has half a million followers on Instagram and close to 100,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.
From a marketing point of view, Cover Girl made a smart move. Still, it’s also a bold move, considering that not all the feedback they’ve received so far since they’ve announced their collaboration with James was positive.
But there’s no changing their minds. In a statement, Cover Girl said that the brand’s goal is to bring on “boundary-breaking” brand representatives.
Here are some photos of James.





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