160-Pound Great Dane Adopts 1-Pound Orphaned Kitten

When Potato, a mere three-day-old kitten, arrived at Karen’s home in need of fostering and without a mother, she quickly observed an endearing bond forming between the tiny feline and her 160-pound Great Dane named Corbin. Acting as a surrogate “mom,” Corbin instinctively stepped in to care for the orphaned kitten. Karen recognized this unique dynamic and decided that Corbin would play a crucial role in their fostering journey. While Karen provided nourishment for Potato, Corbin took on the responsibility of grooming the kitten and keeping him cozy and warm.

As Potato matured, he remained small in size but developed an exuberant personality. With Corbin’s ever-watchful eye, Potato was guided away from mischief, particularly when engaging in playful antics with the family’s other dog. Karen, who has fostered over 150 kittens, felt an exceptional connection with Potato, prompting her to make the heartfelt decision to keep him as part of their family. The evident affection between Corbin the Great Dane and Potato showcases the beautiful outcome of this foster-turned-forever home

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