A farmer from Minnesota has been hailed a hero after having helped a young girl named Jasmine who had been kidnapped and assaulted get to safety. The man came across Jasmine after the girl had swam across a lake to get away from her abusers.
With her last strengths, the girl managed to somehow crawl through tall grasslands and ended up on the farmer’s property who kindly offered her shelter and promised to help her in case her attackers manage to find her. Until the authorities got there, the man did his best to comfort the girl who was in shock.
According to police reports, a family acquaintance had taken the 15-year-old from her home at the beginning of August, this year.
As it was later revealed, the acquaintance and two other men kept the teen captive and repeatedly assaulted her over the course of 28 days until Jasmine managed to escape when the men left her alone at their property.
All three kidnappers have been found and are now in police custody awaiting their sentence. Watch the video below to find out more about this case and how Jasmine managed to get away from her kidnappers.