15 Singers Stand in Front of Church, Perform A Capella Praise Song That’s Blowing People Away

Ever heard of a group called The Voices of Lee? If not, you are definitely missing out. They are an amazing 15-member a cappella ensemble hails from Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, and they will definitely impress you with their incredible talent.
The group was actually founded about two decades ago by the president of the university, but over the years, many talented students took part in this special project and put their talent in the service of others.
The Voices of Lee can sing all kinds of music genres, but their voices really shine through when they sing gospel music. You’ll see that yourself once you take a look at their inspiring and moving performance in the video below.
The clip shows them do a wonderful rendition of Hillsong Worship’s “What A Beautiful Name.” As you may already know, Hillsong Worship is a highly-appreciated Australian praise and worship group. The above mentioned song was included in their 25th live album which was released at the beginning of this year.
Allocate some time for yourself and really listen to this beautiful song. You will instantly feel better and more at peace. Don’t forget to share if you’ve enjoyed that feeling.

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