14-year-old girl buys and flips a house. Once you see inside? WOW!

Most 14-years-old today spend their free time with friends or starring down into their phones, taking selfies or conversing with their friends on social media. Well, I think it’s safe to say Willow Tufano is not like your average teenage girl.
While most of her colleagues like to shop in malls or online, she believes that trash day equals treasure day. Told you, she’s not like most teenagers out there! The young woman likes to o buy things that other people consider to be junk or look for things left on the street curb, and transform them into beautiful things to make a profit out of them. Doing this, she managed to save up $6,000.
She used that money to buy a house that was valued at $100,000, but on a short sale was going for $16,000. After putting her negotiating skills into action, Willow managed to buy the house for $12,000. She got the rest of the money she needed from her mom with the promise to give it back once she finds a tenant.
Her story went viral, and Willow even appeared on Ellen where she shared details about her incredibly smart purchase. Take a look:

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