New York’s Bravest are getting some new recruits and some very special ones. They are the children of the brave firefighters who responded to the calls on 9/11.
As time gets us closer to the 18th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 sad events, the current FDNY Academy class – who are set to graduate in two weeks – includes 13 (12 boys and 1 girl) new recruits whose firefighter fathers responded on 9/11. The class of 2019 includes siblings — two sons of one fallen firefighter, and the son and daughter of another hero.

Widow Heloiza Asaro said she is “very proud” that her son, Marc, 25, and daughter, Rebecca, 27, are joining siblings Matthew Asaro, 30, and Carl, 31, in the FDNY. She continued:

“Being that they are the youngest, I’m more concerned. They wanted to honor their father, to help people like he did. Even if he hadn’t died, they would have become firefighters. Since they were little kids, the fireman was Santa Claus. The fireman organized the picnics!”

This is a “historic” group of “legacy” probationary firefighters, and it includes the sons of two firefighters who lost their lives as a result of respective illnesses linked to their rescue and recovery work at Ground Zero.


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To date more than 200 FDNY members have died of World Trade Center related illnesses. Those names added today to the World Trade Center Memorial Wall are: Firefighter Anthony Alese, Engine Company 9; Doctor Michael G. Guttenberg, Bureau of Health Services; Captain Victor C. Valva, Engine Company 167; Firefighter Brent G. Crobak, Engine Company 251; Firefighter Charles Williams, Ladder Company 111; Battalion Chief Robert P. Miuccio, Battalion 22; Firefighter Michael T. McDonald, Ladder Company 128; Firefighter Jimmy Martinez, Engine Company 157; Firefighter Dennis G. Heaney, Ladder Company 157; Firefighter John R. Elges, Ladder Company 134; EMT Felipe A. Torre, Bureau of Training; Paramedic Martha Stewart, EMS Station 8; EMT Joseph A. Rodriguez, EMS Station 58; Firefighter Daniel C. Bove, Engine Company 251; Captain John S. Moschella, Engine Company 26; Firefighter Richard H. Meehan, Battalion 06; Lieutenant Timothy P. O’Neill, Ladder Company 5; Firefighter Kevin E. Lennon, Ladder Company 175; Lieutenant John T. Moran, Ladder Company 41; Firefighter Lloyd W. Stuart, Engine Company 3; Firefighter Kevin J. Nolan, Engine Company 79; and Firefighter Richard N. Driscoll, Engine Company 91. #NeverForget

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Spokesman Jim Long revealed that this group contains the most legacy recruits since 9/11, although, dozens of children from fallen 9/11 firefighters have joined in the years prior. “Bravery runs in these extraordinary families who have sacrificed so much for our city,”Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro told The Post.”I’m proud of the commitment these probies have already demonstrated to the department and look forward to celebrating with them at their graduation.”

Gerard Fitzgerald, president of the Uniformed Firefighters Association, added: “I think it’s a great tribute to their dads. It’s quite inspirational to hear that they’re following in their fathers’ footsteps.” Twenty-two-year-old James Foti, son of Robert Joseph Foti of Ladder Co. 7, is thrilled that his older brother Robert, who just turned 27, is joining the FDNY in honor of their father: “I know he’s happy. He can’t wait to start the next chapter in his life. When he got in, I got real emotional. It was always about joining the FDNY.”

The other sons of fallen firefighters and an NYPD officer are:
Matthew Jovic, son of Lt. Anthony Jovic, of Engine Co. 279, Brooklyn
Peter J. Carroll, son of Peter Carroll, FDNY Squad 1, Brooklyn
Scott B. Larsen, son of Scott Andrew Larsen‚ Ladder 163, Queens
Gregory Kumpel, son of Kenneth B. Kumpel, Ladder Co. 25, Manhattan
Brendan Regan, son of Lt. Rober Regan, Engine 205/Ladder 118, Brooklyn
John C. Fischer, son of Capt. John R. Fischer, Ladder 20, SoHo
Manny Mojica, son of Manuel Mojica Jr.‚ Squad 18, Manhattan
Michael Florio, son of John Joseph Florio, Engine 214, Brooklyn
John R. Leahy, son of NYPD Officer James P. Leahy, 6th Precinct, Greenwich Village
Robert Tilearcio Jr., son of Robert Tilearcio Sr., Engine 266, Far Rockaway, who died of brain cancer in 2017.