12-year-old sings song with famous singer – He drops to his knees when he hears her voice

Not many 12-year-olds have the opportunity to sing alongside somebody they’ve looked up to most of their lives. Amira Willighagen got that chance, and she more than lived up to the occasion.
You would never guess that just by listening to her sing, but Amira actually taught herself how to sing by watching YouTube videos. She was only 9-years-old when she started taking an interest in music, particularly opera. She was instantly drawn to this art.
It was her passion for opera singing that pushed her to enter a talent competition in 2013. The girl was a contestant at Holland’s Got Talent, and her participation in the show was what launched her into stardom.
Her incredible performance of “O Mio Babbino Caro” got her a “Golden Ticket” and sent her straight on the show’s finale.
What’s more, the young lady managed to win the competition, earning more than 50% of the viewer’s vote. After that, the entire world fell in love with this young self-taught soprano singer, and her newly-acquired fame opened up a lot of doors for her.
One of the opportunities she is most grateful for is that of performing alongside Neapolitan-Austrian singer Patrizio Buanne. But as you can see in the video below, the honor was mutual.

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