11-year-old sits down to play the banjo. Millions are falling in love with her talent!

The banjo is not an easy instrument to master – especially if you are only eleven years old, but the talented girl in the video below proves it can be done.
Willow Osbourne was born and raised in Tennessee, and ever since she was just a little girl, she had a knack for music. She started by merely listening to the music of different artists, and this is how she first discovered she had a passion for an unlikely instrument, namely the banjo.
From the first time she heard someone play this instrument, she immediately fell in love with the sound, and her passion only grew stronger since.
Finally, her parents bought her a banjo, and Willow started practicing every single day. She come to be really good at it, and was invited to play at numerous events. And that’s not the end of her talents.
The girl also has a pretty good singing voice and the kind of personality that people love to see on stage. So this girl is what one would call the full package. We can expect to hear more of her in the future. Until then, though, listen to this:

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