11-Year-Old Delivers Breathtaking Rendition of ‘O Holy Night,’ Leaving The Crowd in Chills

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without carols, don’t you agree? Carols make the holidays better, especially if they are sung by talented children like the one in the video below.
This talented singer is only 11-year-old, but you would never guess her age just by listening to her powerful voice. Amira Willighagen left everybody open-mouthed when she started singing the Christmas classic, “O Holy Night” in front of an audience of hundreds of people.
Amira is originally from the Netherlands, and was invited to perform at the annual Christmas concert in the city of Nijamen. Although she doesn’t have a lot of experience performing in front of large audiences (she’s only 11, after all), she did an incredible job connecting with the people who listened to her sing and managed to create just the kind of atmosphere suited for the type of song she performed.
Amira became better known in her country after she won one of the biggest and most important talent shows in her country.
There are only a few days left until Christmas, so you’d better start putting together your list of Christmas songs.
Don’t forget to include this beautiful performance!

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