Not all heroes wear capes, but kindness in their heart and this 10-year-old boy’s seems limitless. For the boundless love he carries for animals, Brady Snakovsky from Strongsville, Ohio has managed to raise over $315,000 – money used to provide bulletproof vests for K9 officer.

Image credits bradyk9vest

It all started two years ago, after the little guy watched an episode of Live PD show with his mum. Back then, our hero was surprised to find out that police dogs aren’t automatically equipped with bulletproof vests as their handler, even though they’re risking their life as well. An unacceptable thing for a 8-year-old, so Brady knew he had to do something. So he created a GoFundMe page with the purpose of proving the proper equipment for the loyal four-legged officers.

Image credits Ohio State Highway Patrol

Shortly after, Brady was already buying first vests for the Ohio State Troopers K9’s. Since that moment, the kindhearted boy got one hundred percent involved in his mission. He started to attend to local events to make his voice heard. More, he even wrote to a local congressman to ask for help. “I want to be a police officer because I want to keep people safe,” Brady said back then. “Because it’s really important for these dogs, that save people lives, for them to be safe, too.”

Image credits bradyk9vest

Not long ago, this little hero created Brady’s K9 Fund – a nonprofit that raises money to buy bulletproof vests for K9 and military dogs. Thanks to his devotion, Brady has managed to raise more than $315,000 so far. That means vests for 257 dogs!

Image credits BradyK9Vest

“We were watching the show together and I didn’t even notice that the dog wasn’t wearing a vest,” Brady’s mom Leah Tornabene told CNN. ” I was quite surprised that a child at age eight could recognise that there was an issue there, and that he could find a solution to fix that problem. As his mum, I’m very proud of him for putting others first. He thinks they should be protected and he saw a need for that.”

For all those who want to joins Brady’s efforts, you can donate here!

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