A video showing a girl who is battling cancer dance to her favorite song is going viral online, and has even reached the artist whose song the girl is dancing to.
Darly Laviente has been fighting brain cancer for a while now, but she has managed to maintain a positive attitude and hasn’t lost her appetite for life – or dancing. In fact, dancing to her favorite song is a way for her to express herself and forget about the many problems she unfortunately has to face at such a young age.
With the help of her radio and the Clowmtagiosos – doctor clowns – she is fighting against the odds with joy and laughter. The clip below shows her do a happy dance while getting through a session of painful chemo.
Darly is smiling and jumping on her hospital bed, just acting like a kid and trying to forget about her unfortunate situation. Through her video, Darly hopes to inspire other sick children and encourage them to keep pushing forward.
The clip has captured the hearts of millions across the world. Make sure to share it as well, so that her positive message and attitude can reach as many people as possible.